About us

Specific experience. Global vision. Non-stop training.

Specific experience. Global vision. Non-stop training

We are a firm specialised in consulting activities for the medical market, made up of a team with many years’ experience both on the national and international stage. We have overseen and conducted a number of exceptionally innovative projects, particularly within the surgical sector, contributing to the production, certification and distribution of devices that have facilitated the work of doctors and improved the lives of their patients.

Gianni Garlatti is the company’s founder and go-to person on account of over 20 years’ experience operating in the consulting industry within this market sector and the specific skills that he has developed over the years. A number of individuals, generally under the age of 40, work around him and have successfully merged training and practical experience, combining an innovative vision with in depth knowledge of sector dynamics.

We offer a strategic and planning consulting service in an extremely complex sector that calls for versatility, an ability to read the market and solid technical-legal understanding. Using these instruments, we have acquired shares of the market by establishing ourselves as a key player on a national level, most specifically in the medical-surgical sector, as well as for projects that often require certification and international or extracontinental distribution.

What sets us apart from other consulting firms


Since its founding, Medical Consulting has been characterised by the firm’s ability to adapt its consulting services to the customer’s objectives and their target market. We are able to oversee a single phase of the process, offer preliminary or ongoing assessments, or take care of the entire process from the initial idea to its distribution.


To be understood as specific experience in complex medical-surgical projects. We have overseen countless projects, boast high-profile case histories and understand the importance of each and every phase in order to produce an effective device.

Certification consulting

This is one of the most significant specialisations that we have acquired over the years. The process to obtain national or international certifications is immensely challenging and often extremely time consuming. We are able to facilitate and speed up the entire process owing to our lengthy experience, the sheer number of certifications that we have overseen over the years, our meticulous knowledge of sector legislation and ability to stay constantly up to date as regards specific legal aspects.

Global approach

Or rather a vision that takes all of the various aspects, including those of a medical, technical and financial nature into consideration, as well as the eventual market response. We recognise that those who offer consulting and project management services must take each and every aspect into consideration, anticipate the outcome and advise the customer as regards the best decisions to be made; subsequently, our approach and the way that we train our personnel reflect this awareness.