Strategic consulting, project management, certification consulting.

To transform the potential of an idea into successful device for the medical market

What do we do?

We turn an Idea or Project into a successful product.

We are specialized in consulting and project management in the medical-surgical field, with over 25 years of experience. We take care of coordinating all those specific skills that contribute to making a project an effective solution, whether it is an electro-medical, a SaMD, an implantable device, an IVD, a cosmetic or a disposable.

We have actively and proactively coordinated and supported the production of numerous medical and implantable devices, following all operational phases and certification procedures.

We have experience in organizing and training distribution and sales networks, both for products made with our support and for companies that intend to market their products in Italy or abroad.

Our experience and expertise make us the ideal partner for distributors and importers who are facing the new MDR/IVDR world.

We are supporters of the culture of Quality and we set up all our activities with a view to continuous improvement and the dissemination of the culture of Quality, to create smart systems, which help companies to do better what they know how to do: products that improve the lives of patients and their CareGivers

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The first operational phase of an Idea or Project focuses on the analysis of the proposed venture, an assessment of its efficiency, functionality and feasibility and, above all, its response to market requirements.The second phase involves the translation of the Idea or Project into a Prototype, so as to be able to perform a detailed analysis of any eventual critical elements before the development phase.Our experience and skills enable us to create teams of both People and Companies to obtain the best possible results, whilst considering all the diverse aspects, especially those of an economic and temporal nature.


The leap from Prototype to Product is made through the understanding and careful selection of high quality and high-tech production sites, to guarantee the best possible results. The level of quality, precision and punctuality of our Partners, alongside our work and experience, guarantee the success of the Product.


Our consulting services tackle the challenging certification process employing skills that have been honed over a decade.Obtaining a certification for a medical device, electromedical equipment, or an implantable product, involves getting tangled up in a complex world of regulations and legislation, where knowledge and non-stop specific training are fundamental.
Medical Consulting can suggest the most suitable route to go down in order to certify a Product within a reasonable timescale.

Distribution support

The thirty years of experience gained in the medical market allow us to offer solutions in terms of distribution, efficiency and dynamics.Our consulting activities range from coordinating contracts and commercial deals to the specific and technical training of salespersons.